Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Chine Logs Fitted!

Well after much sweat, some blood and almost tears, the final chine log goes into place. Maybe it would have been just as easy to fit them as one unit rather than half size them. Who knows? The steamer worked out great in the end; once steamed and clamped for 24 hours the logs were (relatively) easy to remove glue and re-clamp. So now they are all glued up and nailed in place. The only small problem is I broke a drill bit whilst drilling the pilot holes. I'm going to have to recover this from deep inside the log. I'm undecided how best to do this yet. I may try and drill from the inside and punch the bit through with a pin punch. It's a job that can wait for an idle few minutes!

Fitting the final chine log

Fitting tank dividers

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