Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Goodbye 2008

Well, as predicted, not a lot happened this last month. We have had some cold weather, and throughout the holiday period temperatures have struggled to get above freezing. Still in a few moments of madness I've wrapped up well and cut a few pieces of wood here and there. The doghouse continues to be fabricated slowly piece by piece, but there won't be any epoxy mixed until things warm up dramatically.

Happy New Year

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Sunday, 30 November 2008

November Update

Not much progress this month with the ongoing cold and dark

I managed to get the side frames assembled and glued by bringing them indoors to cure.

I've finalised my design for the rear of the cabin, with removable washboard, and am busy working on this and the cabin top beam fitting, when I can grab a few seconds.

I expect with Christmas almost upon us, December will be a fairly unproductive month.

Rear view

Front view

Friday, 31 October 2008

October Update

Well the weather conspired against us again and we even had an early snow fall on 28th of the month. Because of the cold, I've decided to put off the sheathing work until the spring. With the toe rails more or less finished, I've started working on fabricating the cabin trunk assembly.

First thing is to make the side framing using the template shown in the plans.

Side frame fabrication

In a slight departure to the plans, the rear of the cabin will have a drop in wash board. I'm busy trying some different "mock ups" before I decide on the final design. This should keep me busy in my thinking chair for a while!

Rear of Cabin

More next month.......

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Ironsides Floats

Another one hits the water.

CONGRATULATIONS to Steve Yahn on the successful launch of his Paradox "Ironsides" on 16th of October.

A splendid looking vessel. Best wishes Steve.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

September Update

Following on from where we left off last month. I finally finished off the internal painting and all the bits and pieces I wanted to do before decking. It was then just a question of mixing up lots of epoxy and banging home a few nails!

Epoxy for foredeck

Lots of pressure applied

Final view of lazzarete before decking

Masked and ready for deck

And now the side decks

Trim and tidy up

Lots more sanding

Rudder on gudgeon

Preparing and shaping toerails

A final peep inside

So that's more or less it for September. Plans are to continue with the toerails, filling and fairing and hopefully glassing the entire hull. After that little lots done we can start work on the cabin top!

Sunday, 31 August 2008

August Update

I've just a few hours of the month left to squeeze in an update for August.

As usual every time you think you're ready for the next stage, you find a hundred little things that need doing! I'm still working towards getting the decks fitted, and in fact they are all cut and internally coated with epoxy, but I want to make sure that as much of the internals as possible are finished before I proceed.

Two jobs that needed completing were the installation of the steering lines and the tiller port transom opening. The steering lines are fairly straight forward and quickly sorted out.

Steering lines trial fit.

Next job was the tiller port opening in the transom. This was a bigger job as it means hanging the rudder first to accurately measure the port opening. Of course this couldn't be done without manufacturing the lower gudgeon. To do this I made a mould (or form) out of scrap Styrofoam left over from the hull insulation.

Create gudgeon mould

Cut out shape of gudgeon and discard!

The resulting mould was firstly coated with thickened epoxy/cabosil mixture. I then added six layers of wetted out glass cloth and pressed firmly to walls. A large plastic bag was then placed in the mould and filled with hot water. This helped hold the glass in position whilst curing, squeezing out excess resin through a slot in the bottom of the mould - a poor mans vacuum bag system. Once cured enough I continued to fill the mould with chopped glass, with occasional layers of biax cloth. It was as this process came to a finish that the smoke started to rise as the moulding became red hot. I ended up ripping the foam mould off so that I could immerse the smoking gudgeon in a bucket of water. I therefore have no pictures of the moulding in progress!

Fresh from the mould

The gudgeon has now been drilled for fitting and also given a light coating of microballons which will be sanded to a smooth finish. All in all I'm very pleased with the result.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

July Update

I've been busy with lots of things this month, but unfortunately not a lot of boat building.

I'm very nearly ready to fit the decking, I just have a few bits of paint work to finish off and a few small gluing jobs to finish.

The vent trunk is now more or less complete (one of the painting and gluing jobs).

I decided to make an access hatch in the starboard side panel. Some others have made the whole panel removable, others have glued it permanently in position.

Side panel access

Johanna almost ready for decking.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

What's Cooking?

So, what's cooking? All will be revealed!

Take a piece of dowel and slice into 20mm lengths.

Take one piece of styrofoam and cut to size.

Measure carefully and make recess in rear of foam to accommodate dowel plugs.

Position/mark and glue plugs to hull side.

Cut battens to length of foam pieces.

Place prepared foam over dowel and affix with battens.

Voila - foam installed! 1 down 13 to go........

After all that and some paint and varnish we're getting closer to getting the decks installed.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Summer is here

We've had a few hot sunny days here, and now it's too hot to work on the little boat!

Just so you don't think I've abandoned the project, or the blog, I'll post the latest update.

  • Bulkheads now painted
  • Side bins varnished
  • Lazarette bins installed
  • Foam installed to hull sides

The later has taken up quite some time as I devised a means of making the foam removable for inspection/winter storage.

I'll post pictures and further details shortly.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

One year old today

According to my records, it's a year today that my plywood arrived and I scribed my first mark on what is to become Johanna.

The time seems to have flown past, and I've learned an awful lot in that period. If I were to start again, I'd probably do some things differently; but that's what comes from experience.

Unfortunately work has stalled for a while whilst I recuperate from some surgery, but I'm looking forward to the warm weather and hopefully some pretty rapid building progress in the months to come.

The plan is to finish and paint the interior, get the decks on, sheath the hull and then finish off the cabin top. Hopefully all that will be done during the summer months. Time will tell....

Johanna, one year on.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

It's March Already!

Doesn't time fly?

My Paradox is now 10 months into build, but it seems like the last 5 have seen little progress. Slow and steady progress however goes on behind the scenes.

Nothing however as fast as the Jimmy Lu's build in Taiwan. A big congratulations to Jimmy on the completion and launch of his Paradox "Auspice"

Back here at home I've been working mainly on the internal features.

  • Cabin soles cut to size
  • side shelves installed
  • filleting of bulkheads and floor members
  • building cabin top and hatch beams
  • installation of carlins
  • installation of intermediate deck beams
  • fairing of sheer and deckbeams for decking.

Not much to see (other than sawdust and shavings) but I'll post a few pictures anyway, taken this afternoon.

Cabin soles and side shelves

Aft stowage


More Water!

Carlins and sheer fairing

Foredeck trial fit