Saturday, 25 June 2011

Launch Day Photos

All photos courtesy of Adrian Gingell and Alistair Law. Many thanks guys.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Johanna Launched

Johanna hit the water on the evening of June 11th. She slipped gracefully off her trailer and at once became alive in the water.

She sat beautifully on her  lines and looked a real picture. After a quick scramble below to check she was dry, I shipped the yuloh and proceeded to take her out to the faint wind line offshore. The water was like a mill pond but after raising sail she responded to the faint zephyr, ripples forming under her bow as she slid happily, almost silently, through the water.

On returning to the dock a breeze piped up so I quickly gybed her round and went back out for some more. Of course I couldn't photograph all of this but there were people on shore snapping away so photo's will follow later!
Back at her dock she nestled between her companions where we spent a wonderful night onboard.

All this took place at the Beale Park Boat Show where she was entered in The Watercraft Magazine Amateur Boat Building Awards. I'm happy to say that she won the "Most Innovative Home-Made Boat" award. The person who rightly deserves this is, of course, Matt Layden.

More to follow.