Thursday, 24 February 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Well I've every intention of getting this boat in the water before the summer arrives, so every bit of nice weather is going to help me make that target. Today was fine and mild, I didn't do much on the boat, but every little bit helps. The to-do list is actually quite short now and I'm hoping to tick quite a few of the items off fairly quickly.

Today I cut my lead pigs in half, as , at almost 40kgs each, they were just too heavy to safely manhandle. They're now a more manageable size so I'll be preparing the mountings in the bilge for their eventual installation. It was remarkably easy to chop them in half using an old cross cut saw.

Now I need to lift this little pile (110Kgs) on board!

I've also been sorting internal rigging etc. so she's starting to look a bit more ship shape.

More to come.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Shore Leave Launched

Congratulations to Terry in Florida, who launched his Enigma clone "Shore Leave" on Saturday.

Enigma is of course Paradox's little sister, and Terry's version is 12' 3" long with a 43" beam.

A fantastic piece of work accomplished in a very short time (wish I could work so quickly).

See more of his build at his website here.