Sunday, 2 September 2007


I spent several hours this weekend fairing the chine logs and bulkhead floors in preparation for the fitting of the bottom. Quite a lot of material was removed, in fact I have a large bin liner full of shavings. The chines are looking nice and I just need to fair the tank dividers now and we'll be ready for the bottom.

Talking of the bottom, I decided to make a start at cutting the scarf for the bottom panel. No dimensions are given for the scarf so I decided on a 200mm overlap giving a generous 11:1 ratio. I've made a start at planning, but I see this is going to be quite a mammoth job to do by hand. During the week I hope to use my electric plane to shift a large majority of the scarf, unfortunately I discovered I had snapped a blade on it, so I need to get a replacement before I can continue. If all works out I'll be able to get the panel scarfed at the weekend end which should allow me to fit it the following weekend after it's fully cured. That all depends on the progress with the plane......

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