Friday, 17 August 2007

Bottom Side Up

Before the big turn over I had to cut and fit the transom baffle. This was aptly named because it had me baffled for quite a few hours. Cardboard templates, lots of measuring and cutting away bit by bit finally enabled it to be fitted in place. I'd say this was the hardest part I've had to do so far!

The baffling part

Baffle Fitted

With the baffle sorted out it was time for the big turn over.. This was easily accomplished by me and my son.

Bottoms Up

I proceeded to fit the port side Chine Log. All was going well, with the log almost in place, when disaster struck. There was a loud crack and the log split half way along it's length. As the break was a nice natural scarf, I decided to epoxy the 2 bits together and see if the log will bend into shape once the epoxy sets hard. The logs are half thickness and 2 parts will be laminated in place when fitted. I reckon that as long as I can get this log into place it will be more than strong enough when sandwiched between the 12mm hull outer and its inner partner. Time will tell. If it doesn't work I'll have to purchase some more timber and check more carefully for splits this time. Tomorrow I'll try fitting the Starboard log and see if we have any more success with that !

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