Sunday, 2 March 2008

It's March Already!

Doesn't time fly?

My Paradox is now 10 months into build, but it seems like the last 5 have seen little progress. Slow and steady progress however goes on behind the scenes.

Nothing however as fast as the Jimmy Lu's build in Taiwan. A big congratulations to Jimmy on the completion and launch of his Paradox "Auspice"

Back here at home I've been working mainly on the internal features.

  • Cabin soles cut to size
  • side shelves installed
  • filleting of bulkheads and floor members
  • building cabin top and hatch beams
  • installation of carlins
  • installation of intermediate deck beams
  • fairing of sheer and deckbeams for decking.

Not much to see (other than sawdust and shavings) but I'll post a few pictures anyway, taken this afternoon.

Cabin soles and side shelves

Aft stowage


More Water!

Carlins and sheer fairing

Foredeck trial fit