Saturday, 18 April 2009

Some progress at last!

Well it's been a long winter and I've found it difficult to become motivated after such a long break away from the little boat. With things warming up however, I've at last started to pick up where we left off last year. I've stripped all the cabin superstructure off (it was only temporary) and have been busy preparing the hull, filling holes etc. for sheathing in epoxy/glass.

I've also made a start with the fabrication of the bow fairlead. I call this the Maxwell corkscrew fairlead (thanks Glen for the detail). I now have six layers of glass on this item which will hopefully be ready for a bit of shaping and some microballon fairing tomorrow.

Here's today's progress.

Cut 30mm hole to take pvc pipe

Epoxy pipe in place

Cut and shape

Try for size with anchor rode - looking good.

First two layers of glass

More to follow.......