Saturday, 2 June 2007

Bulkheads nearing completion

I've now more or less completed all the bulkheads. The only outstanding tasks are:
  • drilling the limbers
  • cutting out the chine log notches
  • marking and partial cutting of the sheer starke notches
  • fitting the vent baffle cleat to the transom.

Here they are, all out enjoying the sunshine in the garden....

I can't mark and cut the sheer and chine notches until I have planed and beveled my timber. I hope to get round to this soon.

All cleat bevels are only roughly planed, I'll wait and pick up the correct bevel during trial fitting. I've left all the floor bevels standing as per the plan. Again I'll pick these up off the work.

Yesterday was the first really hot day I've had while using epoxy, and my first batch nearly went off too quickly for me (using medium hardner).

Subsequent batches were made in much smaller quantities!

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