Monday, 18 June 2007

Side panels coming together

More scarfing at the weekend, and after a lot of work and effort I ended up with four panels all cut and ready for the glue.

Yesterday I laid out the first 2 panels on a temporary bench. I found a few packs of laminate flooring left over from one of my many DIY jobs. When the floor panels were snapped together this gave me a nice long straight edge that I could use as a reference line to keep the base line straight.

Here's the first 2 panels pre-coated ready for the thickened glue.

Taking an idea from Al (of Little Jim fame) I laid out the panels drilled holes through them into the bench and used nails as temporary pins to keep panels in place. This makes putting them back in position simple and straight forward after gluing up. You might see the nails through the panels in the picture below. I've marked the nail holes so that I don't forget to fill then in later on! The first panel is now off the bench and is looking good. I hope to get the second one glued up in the next few days.

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