Monday, 28 May 2007

More sawdust!

My Douglas fir arrived last Tuesday and I've spent most of my time since, preparing bulkhead cleats and floor members. This is quite a lot more work than it really looked!

Firstly I had to plane all my wood, as I went for the cheap skate option of purchasing sawn timber, which saved me a fair bit of money.

It's been cold and damp all weekend, but tomorrow I hope to get some of the cleats epoxied to the bulkheads and might have them all finished by the end of the week. I've started to mark out the stem, but as yet haven't actually cut any wood for it. It's a big heavy chunk of lumber at the moment.

I bought the wood for my Chine logs at half thickness so that I can laminate the two bits together in situ. It was only when I came to measure and cut to length (they were too long to fit in my building shed!) that I realised just what a job it's going to be to fit them. I had read about others struggles bending them to shape, thinking that they were talking about the athwartship curvature. It was only when I laid them out against the side panels that I realised that following the rocker on the bottom is where the main problem is going to be!

I'm taking my time over things and trying not to rush. I keep reminding myself that one day I will be trusting my life to this little vessel, and I have only my own workmanship to blame if something fails. Saying that, to me everything seems to be heavily over spec'd.

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