Saturday, 25 July 2009

More sheathing.

With the bottom finished, it was out with the rolling frame again and this time to turn Johanna on her side. The topsides are to be sheathed in 200g cloth, and I expected this to go on without a hitch. How wrong could I have been!

This was a nightmare to wet out, the close weave, stiff cloth seeming almost impervious to epoxy resin and at the same time trapping air under the fabric. I was so unhappy with about 1 sq metre that I ripped it off and started afresh. Eventually after lots of hard work I got the cloth applied and coated, topped of with microballoons which just need fairing and sealing once I'm happy with the finish. After that, it's rollover time again onto her port side for finishing off of the hull sheathing.

Up on her side

The offending cloth

Ready for longboarding

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