Sunday, 7 June 2009

May Update

Work continues with preparation for sheathing the hull in epoxy/glass.

With the fairlead complete it was time to firstly do the decks. For this I've used 120g/m2 glass.

This went well and wet out very easily.

With that completed I reinstalled the toe rails and reinforced with a layer of glass tape.

On Friday I took the chance to visit the Beale Park Boat Show where there were all sorts of great boaty things to see and do, but the highlight was to meet Al Law and 'Little Jim'.

Unfortunately the wind was not playing ball, but we did still mange to get a short sail in a light zephyr! One astonishing thing was the amount of interest the Paradox attracts. I don't think Al will have had much rest throughout the weekend.

With even more incentive to get Johanna finished, today I tried out my turning jig, to roll her through 180 degrees. This was achieved by just the two of us, me and my son, with some supervision by my youngest daughter!

On her side

Over she goes

Now that she's the right (wrong) way up I'll be glassing the bottom, and once that's done the sides. Here's hoping for more warm dry weather (unlike today!)

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